About Don

For over 30 years Don has and continues to be one of the top creative photographers in the Detroit Metropolitan area, in Southeast Michigan, and throughout the Midwest.  Don has always been creating something with his hands.  


All the best photographic equipment in the world doesn't make the photographer.  The photographer delivers the message to the viewer through their eye, the lens, that ultimetly evokes the feeling required in a great photographic image. 


The camera is a key to the world and has taken me places I know I would never have gone. I have been provided a wonderful opportunity over and over to work with others designing great photographic images.  Be it in the studio or on location doesn't matter, I am perfectly comfortable in either creative setting.


I feel grateful that I grew up in my career experiencing both film and digital capture.  Experiencing both mediums, film and digital, has allowed me to understand light, color and texture as it should be seen if captured on film.


Thank You for taking the time to look at my images.  Please feel free to reach out and contact me at anytime! 

Phone • 586-914-4696 

email • donkurekphoto@comcast.net







All images copyright Don Kurek 

All rights reserved. 


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